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Bottom Refractory Ramming Adapter Flange (RAM.1AF Series)

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It is used for bottom refractory ramming operation. Different capacity of furnace bottoms can be rammed by a piston with adapter flange. Adapter flange doesn’t include vibrator piston. The body of the machine was consolidated with steel supports. Equal ramming is assured owing to “vibe-divide” technology, which is used in larger furnaces, all over the bottom.
  • Working Principle

    Piston, which is on the bottom ramming machine, is being disassembled with its slot is installed on the adapter flange. Installed adapter flange is a bottom ramming machine for different capacity of furnace.
  • Advantages

    • It allows using piston of bottom ramming machine (vibrator) for different capacity of furnaces.
    • No need to purchase several bottom ramming machines for different furnace sizes.
    • Easy to mount.
    • Tailor-made flange size option.
    • 100% service guaranteed, Turkish product.
  • Technical Specifications

    Frequency (V.P.M.)
    4 Bar 5 Bar 6 Bar
    680 695 705
    Air Consumption (L/min)
    4 Bar 5 Bar 6 Bar
    10 12 14

    *Tests are made by KEYENCE Ultra High Speed/High Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor (LK-G5000 Series)
    *Standart type pistons are used in the tests