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Bottom Refractory Ramming Machine (RAM.1BR Series)

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It is used for bottom refractory ramming operation of coreless induction furnaces. Different capacity of furnace bottoms can be rammed by a piston with adapter flange. The body of the machine was consolidated with steel supports. Equal ramming is assured owing to “vibe-divide” technology, which is used in larger furnaces, all over the bottom.
  • Working Principle

    Refractory amount is calculated and 15% more than calculated refractory amount is spread to the bottom. (Bottom thickness higher than 20-30 cm must be rammed as two layers.) Scratching refractory material between layers while ramming operation is recommended. Stepping on to refractory or using an equipment, levelling and precompression is made. Bottom ramming machine is hanged to a crane and lower down on lining material (refractory). Vibration is started with full air pressure and the air flow rate is changed for a couple of times to avoide vacuum existance under bottom rammer plate. After bottom ramming operation is completed, coarse and fine grains and binder material is separated from each other on the surface, coarse grains accumulate on the top (secretion). 3-4 cm excess, which is put to provide a surface with homogenous grain and binder, must scraped from the surface and is used for grout. So more homogenous layer instead of decomposed material is assured on the bottom.
  • Advantages

    • Compacts bottom refractory material with equal density.
    • Remove risks .such as cracks and gas pockets on refractory.
    • Completes ramming operation in a very short time.
    • Extends life of lining material (refractory).
    • More melting done with the time saving.
    • Manpower used more economic.
    • Suitable for use in each capacity furnace.
    • Operation is done fully automatic with adding automatic crane device.
    • 100% service guarenteed, Turkish product.
  • Technical Specifications

    Frequency (V.P.M.)
    4 Bar 5 Bar 6 Bar
    680 695 705
    Air Consumption (L/min)
    4 Bar 5 Bar 6 Bar
    10 12 14

    *Tests are made by KEYENCE Ultra High Speed/High Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor (LK-G5000 Series)
    *Standart type pistons are used in the tests