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Manual Crane System (RAM.LIF.M Series)

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This system include portable support legs and a crane which is operated manually. Manual crane provide ease of use for refractory ramming machines.
  • Working Principle

    Crane hanging system is mounted by using operating guide. The hoisting engine is placed on hanging plate. When the installation is done, system is placed above the former of induction furnace and Crane placer is used for centering. Refractory ramming machine is hanged on the crane and provided up and down movement.
  • Advantages

    • Foundry crane is not occupied during refractory ramming operation.
    • Manpower used more economic.
    • Easy to mount and practical to use.
    • Suitable for use in each capacity furnace.
    • 100% service guarenteed, Turkish product.
  • Technical Specifications

    Electricity 230 V ~ 50 Hz
    Power 900W (S3 25% 10dk)
    Capacity (without pulley) 250 kg.
    Capacity (pulley) 500 kg.
    Rope Length (pulley) 5,7 m
    Rope Length (without pulley) 11,5 m